Colac ice addict bashed by inmates in jail riot

A COLAC man will finish a two-month stint in jail next week after suffering a broken nose and other injuries during a prison riot.

Police have had the 25-year-old man in custody since June 19, after Colac police found him with methamphetamine, stolen items and possessing fireworks and a weapon without a licence.

The man was at the Metropolitan Remand Centre in Melbourne on July 1 when prisoners started a riot after becoming disgruntled with a new tobacco ban in Victoria’s prisons.

Fellow inmates bashed the Colac man and he suffered a broken nose, black eyes, lacerations and a sore jaw.

The man was not a part of the riots but authorities forced him into lockdown and revoked his visitation rights.

The man’s lawyer said he had tried to get prescription glasses to the man while he was in custody, but authorities refused the request, despite the man relying on glasses to see for a majority of his life.

His lawyer also said the man had received no drug or alcohol treatment while in custody despite being addicted to methamphetamine.

The man has also received no help for mental health issues even after he attempted suicide while in remand.

The man appeared at Colac Magistrate’s Court earlier this week on charges of dishonestly undertaking retention of stolen goods and handling, receiving or retaining stolen goods after separate incidents between June and July this year.

Colac police discovered a chainsaw and air compressor at the man’s Colac property on June 19 at 2am that matched items stolen from a house at Carlisle River.

Police arrested and charged the man for stealing the items and he said he bought the items off a Facebook buy, swap and sell page.

Police found two glass ice pipes in the man’s car on June 19 at 2am along with a digital radio that matched a radio stolen from the Warrnambool train station and a stolen Milwaukee tool kit.

Police also found the man with 1.1 grams of methamphetamine which the man said was for personal use.

Colac police also found a Micro SD memory card and a mobile phone which suggested the man was trafficking methamphetamine.

His lawyer said he was supplying the drug to known users, but only to feed his own addiction.

Police searched the man’s house on July 8 and found 35 firecrackers and a slingshot that fires ballbearings.

The man said he was unaware he needed a licence to posses the items.

The man’s lawyer said the offender became addicted to methamphetamine within a week of first using the drug and he started using as a way to “self-medicate” his depression.

Magistrate Ann McGarvie said she took into account the “special circumstances” the man had endured since being in remand and ordered him to serve two months in custody which will finish on August 18.

Ms McGarvie ordered he serve a 12-month community corrections order after leaving jail and complete 120 hours of community work and get help for his addiction and mental health issues.

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