Opportunity to lobby for more Colac trains

Colac Otway Shire councillor Brian Crook hopes people attend a public transport forum.

Colac Otway Shire councillor Brian Crook hopes people attend a public transport forum.

A PUBLIC transport forum on September 9 will give Colac residents a chance to lobby for more train services.

The State Government is organising the Colac forum alongside four other forums in western Victoria as it builds its Regional Network Development Plan.

Colac Otway Shire deputy mayor and public transport advocate Brian Crook said the forum would be “a great opportunity for people to let the government know that the service we have at the moment is sub-standard.”

Cr Crook said he would raise the issue of adding a fourth daily rail service in Colac.

He said Public Transport Victoria representatives told him adding another service would be “easily done” by using an existing train for a service between Warrnambool and Geelong.

“We are the worst-serviced area in the state; PTV has told us we can have a fourth train more or less tomorrow at not a big cost to the government at all,” he said.

“The more people that turn up and make their voice at the consultation the better.

“It sends a message to the State Government that we are serious about the poor service that we have.

The government claims the Regional Network Development Plan “will be built from your ideas about what your local community and region needs from public transport.

“This long-term plan will take into account the different needs of individual communities and deliver a regional public transport network where train, coach and bus services work together to get people where they need to go,” according to PTV

The statement is in an advertisement promoting the forums across Victoria.

Representatives from Public Transport Victoria, V-Line and the Department of

Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources will attend the forum to take suggestions and feedback.

The forum is at Colac Community Library from 5pm to 7pm.

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3 Responses to “Opportunity to lobby for more Colac trains”

  1. Phil Alexander

    It bet if it was a party for a mate or something similar you find away to get there and get home!

  2. Dave

    I’d like to be there,however due to lack of transport,I cannot attend.

    • Jo

      You could catch the bus….oh.
      You could get there about 3.50 on route one or about 4.20 on route two….or is that 4.50 on route three?
      But as for getting home again – as Colac has no night bus services you are out of luck.
      Perhaps council can provide transport?
      But seriously, a meeting to discuss public transport at a time when people who don’t have transport of their own can’t attend?…..yeah.