Two teams join cricket competition, one-day format stays

ColacFriday04Sep006BIRREGURRA and Warrion will join a Colac district cricket top-grade competition that will stay an all one-day format in 2015-16.

Association executives met on Wednesday night to vote on changes to the association, with the Saints and Panthers’ inclusion to Division One lifting the competition to nine teams.

The district’s highest grade will remain a 45-over one-day competition for a second year; with bowling restrictions reduced from 12 overs to 10 the only change.

Otway also re-entered the CDCA for the up-coming season, with the Otters set to play in Division Two, while

Deans Marsh moved down one grade to Division Three.

The association lost no teams from last season in a positive step for cricket in the Colac district.

The CDCA’s board expanded to 11 voting executives after gaining Birregurra’s Marcus Callahan and Alvie’s Chris Hickey, while umpire delegate Craig Murdoch will be a non-voting member.

Outgoing president Michael Rafaniello will stay on the board, but the committee elected not have a president this season, and instead have a rotating board to chair meetings.

Committee spokesman Jake Rodda said association officials were rapt with the Division One’s boost in teams, which officials believed reflected the success of the one-day format.

“It’s very exciting we’ve got two new clubs in the top grade,” he said.

“Going back to a one-day format has made it a lot more attractive for these clubs to recruit a couple of players, but also step into Division One.

“I think it’s been a long time since we’ve had nine teams in our Division One format.”

Rodda said the board discussed two-day cricket’s place in the CDCA, but opted to stick with the shorter format for another season.

“We were looking to stick to the one-day format and see how it goes,” he said.

“We’ll never rule out playing two-day cricket down the track, but we’re trying to expand the game and keep everyone interested.

“We’ll play it by ear; it’s an issue that’s right across Cricket Victoria in that review that came out recently.

“You’ve got a certain group of people that want to play two-day cricket, but with player availability and stuff like that, leagues are finding it easier to play a one-day format.”

The board will meet again on September 21 to finalise the 2015-16 fixture.

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