Liberals launch plan to cut ice addiction

Liberal Polwarth by-election candidate Richard Riordan, front, has vowed to tackle the drug ice in the Colac and district community with the Polwarth Ice Action Plan.

RECOVERING ice addicts make up more than half of the clients of Colac’s leading drugs counsellor.

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3 Responses to “Liberals launch plan to cut ice addiction”

  1. I would have thought something is better than nothing, we all complain about the problem so at least judge it when it’s implemented rather than bagging it.

  2. What we don’t need is another taskforce and cynical delay.

    If the Libs really cared, they would have done all of this when they were in government.

    The plan is proof the Libs don’t care about rural and regional communities, because they never implemented anything to help them when they had the opportunity.

    Darren Cooper – Australian Country Party secretary

  3. Phil Alexander

    Big launch with about as much substance as a grain of salt.

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