Dog sniffs out quoll dropping

Scat-finding Ted and Conservation Ecology Centre’s Lizzie Corke celebrate the discovery of a wild quoll dropping in the Great Otway National Park. Picture: Annette Ruzicka

AN OTWAYS Conservation Dog has sniffed out a rare wild quoll scat, only the fourth confirmation of the animals’ existence in the Otways this century.

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One Response to “Dog sniffs out quoll dropping”

  1. I always get rather amused by these stories on Quolls. While you don’t see them very often, and yes they are rare, it is not that unusual to see one if you spend a fair bit of time in the Otways. To suggest that finding some scat is only the forth conformation of their existence this century is just a bit hard to accept. Possibly the issue is more about those that know where to find them would rather see them left in peace, rather than cause them be “studied”.

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