CRIME UNDIE-WORLD: ‘Ice’ and ecstasy in alleged drug dealer’s jocks

A COLAC man will remain in custody for another week after police caught him with illicit drugs, breaching his bail conditions.

A magistrate granted the man bail in August last year and he was set appear at Colac Magistrate’s Court on drug trafficking charges on Monday.

But Colac police caught him with 2.44 grams of ice, 58 ecstacy pills and $1640 over the weekend.

The man appeared before Colac Magistrate’s Court on Monday where Magistrate Ron Saines refused him bail.

Leading Senior Constable James Harris of Colac police said he and another police officer stopped the man while he was driving an unregistered vehicle on Armstrong Street, Colac.

Sen Const Harris said the car the man was driving had plates registered to another vehicle on it and it was not roadworthy.

He said he was inspecting the car when he saw the offender putting something between the driver’s seat and the car’s middle console.

Sen Const Harris said he found a black-leather clutch in the space and found 63 small zip-lock “deal” bags and a set of digital scales.

Police also found another 22 zip-lock bags in the car.

Sen Const Harris said that during the search he saw the man adjust his pants and a search of the man’s pants showed he had drugs hidden in his underwear.

“Inside his underwear was a zip-lock bag with 2.44 grams of methylamphetamine, 58 ecstasy tablets and $1640 cash,” he said.

The incident is the third time police have caught the man reoffending since a magistrate placed him on bail, and Sen Const Harris told the court he believed the man was an “unacceptable risk” of reoffending.

Magistrate Ron Saines said he believed it was in the man’s best interest to remain in custody where he would be unable to access drugs.

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