CRIME SHOCK: Colac children face knife and theft charges

CourtTHREE Colac children aged between 10 to 13 have pleaded guilty to a Colac crime spree, with the magistrate warning them to clean up their lives.

The children, including two primary school pupils, faced a range of charges including weapons, criminal damage and theft charges.

The youngest child, who magistrate Ann McGarvie described as the worst offender, faced two weapons charges involving knives, as well as theft charges.

The children were in court for up to seven separate offences between September and December last year.

Ms McGarvie put the children, who were facing court for the first time, on 12-month good-behaviour bonds and urged them to change their ways and improve their future.

She told the eldest child he’s “meant to set a good example” for his younger peers.

“You have never come before a court before; you’ve got a good past so don’t make it a bad future,” Ms McGarvie said.

The magistrate also told the youngest child she was concerned about his association with knives and his future.

“You’re the youngest of your mates, but your behaviour has been the worst and the most dangerous,” Ms McGarvie said.

“You don’t always know the size and the strength of someone and having a knife, if someone is able to overpower you and take the knife from you, it could seriously harm or kill you,” she said.

“And there’s the concern that you will seriously harm or kill someone.

“You don’t always know what will happen with a knife.”

Police Prosecutor Senior Leading Constable Scott Bell said he was concerned with the impact the children’s knife use could have on the community.

“The police’s main concern is not if but when the boys pick a fight with someone who is their measure what will happen,” Mr Bell said.

“It’s not just for their safety, it’s for other children’s safety, it’s for the police who have to attend the incident and it’s for the community,” he said.

“The trouble is trying to make them understand the consequences of their action.”

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2 Responses to “CRIME SHOCK: Colac children face knife and theft charges”

  1. nikki

    How pathetic what the heck are these kids parents doing? The one caught with the knives should have been sent to torana thats just not on isn’t it enough one 11 year old WA boy has been charged with murder the court systems suck big time. Question has child protection been infomed of what these children are doing? If not WHY NOT? Obviously there is no parental supervision or is it the parents just DON’T CARE?

  2. Concerned Mum

    It would surely be an idea to question the parents of these children. I would like to know what responsibility they think they have here. Surely a 10 year old should be supervised not roaming the streets with a knife and stealing. Parents need to set boundaries for children not tolerate this behaviour. I also hope the courts have a plan for next time as dishing out good behaviour bonds is unlikely to change anything for our community who remain vulnerable to these kids. I won’t be letting my young ones hang around on the streets with this type of behaviour potentially crossing their paths.