LET THEM STAY: District community fights for refugees

Birregurra residents, from left, Geraldine Gartland, Sarah Handscomb, Bernie Gartland, Anne Egan, Chris McQueen, Jenny Handscomb, and Maggie Grace showed their support for a campaign calling on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to allow 267 asylum seekers to stay in Australia.

COLAC and district residents and community leaders have demanded the Federal Government stop plans to deport refugees to offshore detention centres.

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6 Responses to “LET THEM STAY: District community fights for refugees”

  1. Great to see people standing up for those who really have nothing else left in life: sad to read some of the comments here and see some people don’t get it; unable to see it from the refugee side of things.
    I know it is hard for some people to understand what it is like to live in a country ravaged by war, but just for a moment try. Imagine if the Chinese or Indonesia invaded Australia; The wealthy would just hope on the last planes, but for everyone else you have to watch your friends, your family killed or risk being killed everyday. If you haven’t got a passport are you going to wait for the government to start issuing them? Are you going to wait outside an embassy for years on the hope they may open their doors Or are you going to risk everything to get your family as far away as possible?
    After the fall of Saigon, this country took in 70,000 Vietnamese: boat people. Then we understood war at a more personal level, then we showed humanity. We saw people in need, not some sub human people that we only offer cages to.
    Those refugees went on to help to build this great nation of ours. In IT, in medicine, and even in politics. Our Young Australian of the year was even a refugee.
    If we want to stop the illegal trade in people smuggling, we shouldn’t be jailing those trying to flee, we should be sending more of our own boats to bring those people to safe homes. We should be addressing the real problem, the plight of people in need.
    Ask yourself, how would you feel if it was your family, ask yourself what you would do.

  2. @Juggy Well why aren’t they making front page of the Colac Herald with their views on the farmers up north who cant get one cent out of the Government? yet these people feel more heart broken because of people who destroyed their identity then paid people smugglers to get here are not allowed to stay here, I am glad they are going to be sent back it is time we started to look after our own people first, the bleeding hearts on the left make me sick

    1. That’s more a question to ask the Colac Herald and the people in the story.
      I do agree that our farmers and homeless need help, I’ll never argue against it… but at the same time, we do need to look after other fellow humans who are in need.
      I honestly think that the bloody politicians and sports people all need to take a pay cut, but that’s not going to happen.

  3. Phil Alexander

    It’s called humanity John, which you apparently completely lack!

  4. Isn’t it amazing how none of these bleeding hearts feel the same about the homeless and the people living in cars etc because they cant afford housing and lets not forget the farmers up North who have to rely on ‘donated hay’ from the public and cant get one cent out of the Government because they are too busy writing cheques of $25 Million to Syria. I’m sick to death of the leftist bleeding hearts and their ‘compassion’ towards these ‘illegal boat arrivals’ we the majority voted to stop the boats and put and end to the $9 Billion a year it was costing the tax payers !

    1. Hey John, could you please point out where it say that the “bleeding hearts” don’t feel the same about the homeless or farmers. I’m pretty sure you’ll be eating your words.

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