OUTRAGE: Bowlers ‘fuming’ after uniform incident

Bowls officials denied Central's Chris Price from competing  in a regional final because he was wearing this shirt.

Bowls officials denied Central’s Chris Price from competing in a regional final because he was wearing this shirt.

Two Central bowlers have declined taking action against the regional bowls body despite being denied the chance to play in a regional final due to “incorrect uniform”.

Hornets Shane Cashill and Chris Price made the trip to Warrnambool to represent the Corangamite division in West Coast Region’s annual pairs event.

But just moments before they were set to play in the final against a Warrnambool duo, a regional bowls official informed them that they were not eligible to play.

“Shane was wearing one of Central’s pennant shirts and I was wearing our alternative Hornets shirt which has a hornet on it,” Price said.

“The shirt I was wearing is approved by the RVBA, but they wouldn’t let us play because apparently we both needed to be wearing the same shirt,” he said.

“I was fuming about it, the Warrnambool guys were still happy to play, we just couldn’t believe they were making such a big deal out of a shirt.

“This is exactly why bowls is a dying sport, if they’re so worried about little things like this.”

Price said he and Cashill wore different shirts when they won the Corangamite pairs final in December to qualify for Sunday’s event, and they were not informed of the uniform rule.

But he said it was the short notice they were given that was most disappointing.

“Shane and I had gotten changed and had a roll-up at about 11 or 11.30 in the morning but it wasn’t until 1.30 that we were informed we needed a matching uniform,” he said.

“Shane asked why they couldn’t have told us two hours ago, because we would have had time to drive to Colac or Koroit which is where Shane lives.

“It’s just disappointing the way it’s all panned out, we’d like to make a complaint, but it’s all done now.”

Corangamite’s mixed pairs representatives Peter Inglis, of Simpson, and his wife Lynda who plays for City were not wearing matching uniforms, which officials allowed because they are from different clubs.

The Inglises suffered knock-out in the semi-final, losing to Portland pair Peter and Wendy Webster, 14-18.

Cobden pair Elaine Harrison and Fay Rundle lost in the women’s pairs final to Portland’s Kerrie Alexander and Shirley Millard, 12-21.

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