GREEN LIGHT: Councillor approval for new caravan park

Elliminyt will have a new caravan and cabin park.

Elliminyt will have a new caravan and cabin park.

ELLIMINYT is a step closer to boosting Colac district’s tourism opportunities by hosting holidaymakers at a new camping and caravan park.

Colac Otway Shire Council has granted planning permission for a land sub-division at 15-17 Irrewillipe Road and an illuminated sign to allow a holiday park to go ahead.

The park will include eight on-site cabins, 25 caravan or camping sites, swimming pool, games room, playground, jumping pillow, barbecue, camp kitchen and a toilet-shower amenities block.

Elliminyt’s Adam Brown says he is “very happy” to have the support of Colac Otway Shire Council for his proposal which involves building a caravan and camping park with cabins and sites.

“It will be great for visitors and we think it can be great for the local economy,” Mr Brown said.

“We are very happy that the council’s planning department and councillors have supported our proposal and thankful we’ve reached this stage of the process.”

Mayor Frank Buchanan said the development would provide an economic boost to Colac and district, encouraging more people to stay and explore the region.

“The existing site on Irrewillipe Road will be re-subdivided to allow for eight onsite cabins and 25 caravan or camping sites with facilities including a games room, barbecue area, camp kitchen, amenities block, playground and jumping pillow area.

“Elliminyt is experiencing positive growth and we are encouraging development in the serviced residential areas to utilise the infrastructure available like water and sewerage, ensuring the preservation of the surrounding high-value farming areas.

“The area is also covered by a Development Plan Overlay adopted by council in 2014, and we believe this proposal is consistent with the requirements of the overlay.”

The planning application received 38 letters of support, with 23 of the supporters living within 280 metres of the proposed business site.

The application also received 12 objections including concerns about increased noise and traffic, parking, an illuminated sign at the park entrance and devaluation of neighbouring properties.

But Cr Buchanan said the applicant had worked hard to address these concerns and the council had also placed conditions on the permit.

“These include noise curfews and signage lighting being switched off at 10.30pm, as well as low-wattage bollard-style lights being used within the pedestrian areas onsite to prevent illumination beyond the site boundary,” he said.

“A set of park rules and conditions will also be enforced covering matters like speed limits, parking and behaviour of guests,” he said.

“This proposal provides a positive outcome for an underutilised piece of land, and promotes the sustainable economic development of the area.”

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