IMPRESSIVE TEEN: Dancer, 16, steps closer to her dream

Colac dancer Courtney Barrow, 16, has earned a role in a professional dance show with a leading company.

Colac dancer Courtney Barrow, 16, has earned a role in a professional dance show with a leading company.

HARD WORK and dedication have paid off for Colac dancer Courtney Barrow, putting her a step closer to her dream career.

Melbourne’s Transit Dance Company has selected Courtney to dance in its youth division Origins Dance Company’s professional show in October.

The talented 16-year-old said she was a student at Marlene’s School of Dance and had been dancing with Transit Dance since term three of school last year, after auditioning to be part of the Origins Extension Program.

Courtney Barrow

Courtney Barrow

She said she was thankful to Marlene O’Brian for teaching her.

Courtney, who aspires to be a professional dancer, said she would be working with “leading choreographers and industry professionals”.

“I got an offer to be part of that because they’re really happy with how I’m developing and improving,” she said.

Courtney said she felt honoured when Paul Malek, Transit Dance Company’s artistic director, offered her a part in the production.

“I got in the car and I just cried, it was very overwhelming, but in a good way,” she said.

“I’m so determined to be the best possible dancer that I can be and to know that you are improving and getting somewhere, and to know that you’re developing and becoming a better dancer, it’s a really big honour.

“To be dancing under Transit Dance and working with such big choreographers and putting on a show in Melbourne, it was a really good feeling.”

Courtney said she hoped the experience and gaining industry exposure would benefit her career.

“I hope it just continues to develop me as a dancer and I keep improving,” she said.

“I’m out in the industry; it’s just another thing that I can put on my resume that I’ve done which could put me ahead in future auditions that I do.”

Courtney said she “loved” being able to perform contemporary dance and develop her style and technique on a weekly basis as part of Transit Dance Company’s Origins Extension Program.

“I just love the feeling of being able to move freely,” she said.

“Technique is a big part of it but Paul Malek is all about exploring your own movement pathways and the emotion behind dancing which I really enjoy because I find when you dance with contemporary, you relate to the audience a lot more.

“The feeling and the emotion comes out, and it’s really nice to interact that with the audience,” Courtney said.

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