PASSING LANES: Budget win for district motorists

THE FEDERAL Government has committed $5 million to build passing lanes between Forrest and Apollo Bay as part of its $345 regional roads package.

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3 Responses to “PASSING LANES: Budget win for district motorists”

  1. Andy Borning

    $5 Million from only $345. No wonder our country is in debt. Or is it just a typo???

  2. Paul McFarlane

    The road once had many safe overtaking area’s but due to the over growing vegetatian and engineering design these have have vanished.. Made worse with double white lines and 80Kmp speed limit and National Park.. Has sadly taken a decade of complaint to consider slow vehicle turn outs..

  3. It’s great that the passing lanes will be put it, but we need to educate people to not be so arrogant on the road and to use them… and that goes for all road users!

    Common sense and courtesy have mostly left our roads these days. :-/

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