New calls for action on eroding coastline

Apollo Bay residents are calling for action on erosion along the coastal town’s shoreline before it’s too late.

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4 Responses to “New calls for action on eroding coastline”

  1. Phil Alexander

    Forget about leftist troll Morris, you are expounding rightist rubbish.

  2. Its sad that things are being wrecked, but we have to remember that the beach etc at the Bay hasn’t always been as most of us know it. So I would love to know how much impact the man made changes have made.
    I’m not arguing against the change in fuel or climate change, that needs to happen regardless.
    I just hope that authorities are doing whatever needed to keep everyone safe until things are sorted.

  3. another scare by the media with no evidence, the Oceans are not rising, that storm in Sydney happened in 1908, the 1940s, 1926 and 1976, parts of the UK have been naturally eroding for centuries and has nothing to do with rising sea levels also Solar activity on the Sun has been plummeting and Earth is about to enter the next cold period like we saw in the 1600s in the next few years, NASA Solar Physicist John L Casey has said the past so called warming is over and a new colder period is beginning, I know I will have the usual leftist troll on here correcting me but in 5 years time you will asking why we are getting colder and not warmer.

  4. Climate change or Anthropogenic (human-generated) Global Warming? Let’s be accurate as not even the hardest “deniers” actually denies “climate change” as it happens on a daily basis. And didn’t prophet of doom Tim Flannery even go so far as to say that any action taken now could still take 700 to 1,000 years to be fully effective? (And yes, that shouldn’t stop us taking action when and where possible.)

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