Simpson joins mental health awareness campaign


Simpson Football Club will join South Colac for a proposed mental health match next year, after a suicide rocked the club this month.

Simpson club president Ken Wright said the Tigers were fully behind the initiative, which aims to the bring down the stigma that still clings to the discussion of mental health in our community, while also providing information on how to find help.

Mr Wright said the recent death of a beloved club member had devastated the tight-knit community.

“We’d very much love to get behind the concept of it, this man has been a willing supporter of our club over a number of years, he’s a keen supporter, and his family is heavily involved at the club,” he said.

“The death has certainly rocked the community and has shown more than ever how important these causes are.

“Anything we can do to bring about more awareness for mental health issues, we’re happy to do it, because only good can come
from it.”

A South Colac footballer, who has battled depression for about a decade, wrote a letter to Colac District Football League officials last week proposing the one-off match, with hopes of also raising money to go towards organisations that deal with mental health.

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