Winchelsea receives ambulance station

MP Gayle Tierney announces the establishment of Winchelsea’s first ambulance station.

Winchelsea is set to have its first ambulance station and seven paramedics to boost ambulance response times across the Colac region.

The Colac ambulance branch currently services the Winchelsea area and yesterday’s funding announcement by Western Victoria MP Gayle Tierney will allow paramedics to respond even quicker to emergencies.

The State Government has committed to building an ambulance station at Winchelsea and providing a new peak-period unit staffed by seven full-time equivalent paramedics, the first permanent paramedic resource in the town.

Ms Tierney said the investment at Winchelsea would free up ambulances to respond quicker to more incidents in the Colac area.

The announcement is part of a record $500-million investment over five years to employ 450 more paramedics, buy new vehicles and build new branches across the state.

“To house these additional resources, we will build a new state-of-the-art branch giving paramedics modern and safer facilities they deserve and room to grow,” Ms Tierney said.

The new purpose-built station will feature a drive-in-and-out garage bay for vehicles, rest and recline areas, training rooms, bedrooms, modern amenities and a fully fitted-out kitchen.

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One Response to “Winchelsea receives ambulance station”

  1. Juggy

    Its about time there was more in the area… but will it be enough???