Colac welcomes 2017’s first baby

The Milner siblings, Imogen, Penelope, Jasper and newest addition Oscar.

Colac has welcomed the first new baby of 2017 – 10 days into the new year.

Oscar Milner, son of Jess and Todd and little brother of Penelope, 8, Imogen, 6, and Jasper, 4, was born on Tuesday at Colac Hospital.

Proud father Todd said the Milners were ecstatic to welcome Oscar to the family and were very keen to get him home.

“Oscar’s going very well, we will be bringing him home Thursday at some stage,” Todd said yesterday.

“The kids are very excited, they are all hanging out for us to bring him home and everyone be at home together again.

“So they’ll have to be on their best behaviour when he gets home, but I’m sure they’ll be good, everything’s going pretty well.”

Oscar was the first baby born at Colac Hospital this year, and Todd said he and his wife were surprised to learn that Oscar was number one.

“We thought 10 days is a fairly long time, so we were a bit surprised actually, we thought there definitely would have been one before us, so we were pretty excited about that,” Todd said.

“He was a week overdue, so he probably would have nearly been the first baby in Colac anyway, but it was nice to be number one.”

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