Massive hay harvest replenishes supplies

Pomborneit farmer Terry Place has had a successful season, cutting some paddocks twice for feed. He has cut more than 4000 bales of feed including hay and silage this season.

Pomborneit dairy farmer Terry Place has carefully fertilised and sown his paddocks to make the most of the good season and yield as much feed as possible.

Mr Place said he had cut 4300 round bales this hay season, six times his yield last year.

“I cut some silage early and then I recut the paddocks that I did, not all of them but some of them,” he said.

“Last year I probably only did about 700 rolls of silage.”

Mr Place said he had successfully cut twice this year yielding 2800 silage bales and 1500 hay bales, which he cut from about 190 hectares.

Mr Place, who farms a herd of 400 friesian cows on 485 hectares at Pomborneit, said that because of depleted supplies caused by dry weather during the past few years, he hoped to cut as much feed as possible this year.

He said this season’s weather and soil fertility had helped him achieve good feed growth.

“When I re-sowed these paddocks I put in different variety so I could get a second cut,” he said.

“I think everybody in the state has been lacking feed in the last couple of years.

“Two seasons before this season I’ve had to buy a lot of bought-in feed and hay, that certainly cuts your bank balance down a fair bit.

“It’s just something that when you need to feed your cows you have to do it.”

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