Cancer battle inspires husband

Nicola Ehmer has battled two unrelated forms of cancer in the past year and says her family, including her husband Danny, and friends have helped her through.

Winchelsea’s Nicola Ehmer’s strength as she battled cancer has inspired her husband Danny to raise money for a cancer support charity.

Danny said seeing his wife go through cancer diagnoses and treatments for breast cancer and a malignant tumour was a scary time but Nicola’s strength and attitude were inspiring.

Doctors diagnosed Nicola with breast cancer last year and she received a second cancer diagnosis of a tumour in her neck, which she finished radiation treatment for last month.

Danny said that during Nicola’s treatment, which prevented Nicola, and sometimes Danny, from working for prolonged periods of time, the Tammy Foster Foundation contacted the family to offer financial support to help alleviate some of the financial costs of being diagnosed with cancer.

“It was quite daunting: for a woman who had just turned 40 years of age, the thing about breast cancer is it doesn’t discriminate,” Danny said of Nicola’s diagnosis.

“I can’t believe the strength she’s had, her attitude in fighting the cancer; she’s just been so positive the whole way through, the ‘it’s not going to beat me’ attitude.

“It’s been a roller coaster ride, a lot of ups and downs and hopefully now we’re coming out the other side of it.
“She’s getting better every day.”

Danny said that after experiencing the Tammy Foster Foundation’s generosity, he wanted to help other families living with cancer and the couple have partnered with the foundation to put on a fundraising event this Saturday evening at Winchelsea.

“I thought I’d like to give something back and help other families that are going through this,” he said.

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