New life for Otways dinosaur

Cape Otway fossils will help create a world-first virtual reality project based on a dinosaur discovered at the coastal site.

Deakin University engineers joined a palaeontological dig at Cape Otway this week to uncover dinosaur fossils for the project.

Deakin’s Waurn Ponds campus has the Centre for Advanced Design in Engineering Training which includes a Virtual Reality Lab which gives people a chance to walk through virtual reality worlds.

The lab’s director Dr Ben Horan and researcher in digital heritage interpretation Dr Kaja Antlej have teamed up with Deakin Honorary Profressor and Swinburne University palaeontologist Professor Patricia Vickers-Rich to explore the life of the leaellynasaura.

The leaellynasaura was a small dinosaur that lived in the Otways.

Prof Vickers-Rich and her husband Tom Rich discovered the leaellynasaura at Cape Otway in the 1970s and named it after their daughter Leaellyn.

The team is working to create a virtual reality experience of the leaellynasaura by scanning fossils to create a three-dimensional model of the dinosaur.

A 360-degree video will also show the present-day scene as well as a view of how it looked in the past.

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