Teen boy inflicted $29,000 repair bill

A 14-year-old boy pleaded guilty to 10 separate charges after he caused $29,000 worth of damage to a Colac house and stole four knives.

The boy appeared at a children’s court on Monday on charges including criminal damage and burglary.

Police Prosecutor Leading Senior Constable Kerry Moroney said the boy’s home neighboured a public housing property which was vacant between September 29 and October 20 last year.

Sen Const Moroney said during that time the boy smashed a back window and gained access to the house.

She said he then broke all 18 windows of the house, smashed plaster walls and turned all the taps on and left them running when he left, causing $24,000 worth of damage.

Contractors employed to work on the house before the incident attended the house on October 20 and witnessed the extensive damage and called the police.

The boy entered the house again with an unknown co-offender by smashing a rear window, and the two offenders then caused a further $5000 worth of damage to the house.

A neighbour was able to take a photograph which identified the boy.

The accused and the co-accused then went to another neighbouring house and used a garden stake to damage a letterbox causing $100 worth of damage.

The boy was also facing burglary charges after he stole four knives from two separate shops on October 6 last year.

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