Otways man appeals four months’ prison

An Otways man is on appeal bail after a magistrate sentenced him to four months in jail after police found him hiding with an illegal gun.

The man pleaded guilty at Colac Magistrate’s Court on Monday to charges of being a prohibited person possessing firearms.

But the man later appealed the sentence and magistrate Michael Coghlan granted the offender appeal bail.

Police Prosecutor Leading Senior Constable David Vanderpol said police found three guns at the 37-year-old man’s residence in the Otways on August 31 last year.

The man is prohibited from possessing guns after pleading guilty to having two handguns without serial numbers in 2015.

Sen Const Vanderpol said police went to the man’s property to execute a search warrant.

He said that when police arrived at the property, they intercepted a car with the man’s defacto partner in it with children.

Police also saw the man walking out of a disused dairy but he re-entered the dairy when he saw the police.

Officers were unable to find the man in the dairy when they searched it, but later found him in a concealed space with old bedding and a sleeping bag.

The man had 12-gauge ammunition belt, a rifle and a scope, a magazine, and seven .22 calibre bullets hidden under straw in the concealed space.

Police also found a .22 rifle under a bed, unsecured and easily reached as well as an unlocked cupboard which had a 37-shot cartridge and another bullet.

Police also found a BAS rifle in the house.

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