Church cash stolen in Colac theft spree

Thieves broke into Colac’s Specsavers store on Monday night. The business was one of six Colac properties targeted by thieves.

Police are on the lookout for thieves after six burglaries at Colac properties this week.

The thieves only made off with $100 of cash and a church money tin despite breaking into six separate properties over Sunday and Monday nights.

Detective Stuart Sims of Colac Criminal Investigation Unit said thieves had targeted businesses on Murray, Rae, Gellibrand and Bromfield streets and a residential property on Hesse Street on Monday night.

Det Sims said the offenders broke into the Central Hotel and ransacked the property but were only able to steal $100.

The thieves also smashed a window and broke a security door at Specsavers but failed to steal anything.

Det Sims said other businesses targeted included Williams Auto Care and Arundell, Murray and Ryan lawyers.

Offenders also broke into the presbytery at St Mary’s Church on Sunday or Monday by smashing a window.

The thieves stole a money tin from the church with an unknown quantity of money.

Det Sims said the thieves also broke into a house on Hesse Street and stole car keys and other items.

He said police had security footage of the offenders and one of the thieves had long hair which was in a pony tail.

The detective said the thieves ransacked the properties they broke into and it appeared they were looking for cash.

Det Sims said that with warmer nights over past days criminals were more active, and he reminded people to ensure they locked their cars and houses.

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