No update on school site sale

The Education Department is still unable to confirm a sale date for the former Colac High School site, which remains an eyesore at Colac’s west entrance.

The State Government is still unable to confirm a date of sale for the former Colac High School site or when it will handover part of the land.

The Education Department confirmed in March that it would give Colac Otway Shire Council about 30 per cent of the 8.4-hectare site to the council for community open space.

The department failed to clarify if asbestos soil contamination at the site had delayed the rezoning of the site and the handover of the northern third of the land to the council.

The Colac Herald reported in March that the department identified asbestos at the former high school site during demolition works and site remediation work was under way.

The department also told the Herald it would fast-track rezoning for public space when the remediation work was complete.

But a department spokeswoman said on Friday that there was no change in the project’s status in the past four months.

For the full story see today’s Colac Herald.

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