Campaign to dob in ‘sub-standard’ roads

Cr Joe McCracken wants Colac and district residents to help put pressure on VicRoads and the State Government to fix regional roads.

Colac Otway Shire councillor Joe McCracken says the State Government must fix the district’s “sub-standard” roads and is urging road users to join a community roads campaign.

Cr McCracken said he encouraged local residents to report roads in poor condition to VicRoads so the road authority was aware of which roads needed urgent attention.

“For far too long residents have put up with sub-standard road conditions; this has to end now,” he said.

“Roads are in such a poor state that we’re seeing people report damage to their vehicles.

“Businesses, school buses, farm vehicles and cars should not have to wear this cost.

“What we’ve got in Cororooke is a complete disaster; locals are totally and utterly fed up,” Cr McCracken said.

“Unfortunately it’s not an isolated case; Warncoort-Birregurra Road, Colac-Lavers Hill Road, Irrewillipe Road and Timboon-Colac Road are just some examples of roads that are in drastic need of repair in our area.”

Cr McCracken said the region’s main roads were the State Government’s responsibility and he called for more funding for rural roads.

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