No investor for Bay’s new pool

No private investors have stepped forward to fund a new swimming pool at Apoll Bay’s harbour redevelopment, but developers have shown an interest in small-scale development for shops at the harbour. The redevelopment, if it went ahead, would allow the harbour to continue as a commercial fishing port.

Colac Otway Shire mayor Chris Potter says Apollo Bay has plenty of positive opportunities ahead, despite no private investment interest in a pool at the town’s harbour.

The council appointed consultants in February to complete market testing for the development of the harbour area, including proposed boating and recreational facilities, with small-scale shops and a heated swimming pool on the community’s wish list.

A report on the market testing process, presented to the council this month, showed that four of the 11 potential developers, investors and managers interviewed would consider being part of a future expression-of-interest process for the harbour’s development.

But the report said the council should “note there was no commercial interest in developing a pool facility” at the harbour.

Access difficulties, seasonal limitations, council restrictions on accommodation at the harbour, the harbour’s “disconnection” with the township and an “insufficient development scale to justify private investment in public infrastructure” were among the issues raised in the process.

But Cr Potter said it was positive that there was interest from three or four investors in a “small-scale development” at the harbour, and Apollo Bay had other opportunities for tourism and community facilities.

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