Bridge fix ‘not good enough’

Skenes Creek’s Caroline Wren is among the residents concerned about pedestrian safety and the town’s bridge, which a truck crashed through last year. The State Government says it will repair the bridge by mid-November, while building new bridges in other Great Ocean Road towns.

Skenes Creek residents, who have already waited nine months for bridge repairs at the “worst speeding blackspot on the Great Ocean Road”, say $200,000 for pedestrian safety is not good enough.

Skenes Creek Advancement Association’s Tim Cobb, who has been calling for pedestrian safety improvements for years, said the government was spending millions of dollars on bridges in other Great Ocean Road towns with smaller populations but had ignored calls for a safe pedestrian bridge for Skenes Creek.

A truck crashed through the bridge at Skenes Creek in December last year and a temporary barricade along the edge of the Great Ocean Road remains in place.

Mr Cobb wrote to the State Government again this month, raising concerns about the barricaded bridge and a lack of action on pedestrian safety in the town.

But Roads Minister Luke Donnellan’s response to the Colac Herald regarding Skenes Creek community concerns has added to residents’ frustration, with the government promising bridge repairs, rather than a new pedestrian bridge, and a further $200,000 for pedestrian safety.

Mr Cobb said the State Government collected $300,000 in speeding fines on the Great Ocean Road at Skenes Creek every month, or $3.6 million a year, and all the government had done in the town was put up a sign.

Mr Donnellan said the government would spend $200,000 “to improve safety for pedestrians in Skenes Creek including upgraded footpaths, traffic islands and safety fencing”.

“Additional work to fix the damaged barrier and pedestrian path on the Skenes Creek Bridge will begin next month and be completed by mid-November,” Mr Donnellan said.

Mr Donellan’s office confirmed that work would start on the pedestrian improvements package in late October and be finished before Christmas.

For the full story see today’s Colac Herald.

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One Response to “Bridge fix ‘not good enough’”

  1. Phil Alexander

    So many recent reports in the Colac Herald have surfaced (pardon the pun) about roads needing repair and dangerous black spots. Presumably these problems have existed for a very long time. Probably just a coincidence these reports have intensified during the reign of the current State Labor Government.