Hope for horror corner

VicRoads will install rumble strips on the Timboon-Colac Road to alert north-bound motorists about the intersection with the Princes Highway.

The owner of the blue church that sits near a dangerous Colac district intersection says he’s relieved VicRoads has committed to improve safety at the intersection.

Blue church resident Colin Carter and his wife Angela bought the property on the south-west corner of the Timboon-Colac Road, Princes Highway intersection.

Colin has received a letter from VicRoads about proposed plans to install rumble strips on Timboon-Colac Road also known as Tomahawk Creek Road, on the southern approach to the intersection with the Princes Highway.

The rumble strips are part of the road authority’s Building Our Region Program and the work to install the rumble strips should happen next month.

The letter said “these crashes typically involved vehicles travelling along the minor road failing to ‘give way’ and being struck by vehicles approaching on the main road”.

“Rumble strips have been successful in reducing crashes in other locations around the region by alerting drivers of the approaching intersection,” the letter said.

Colin, who is also the Nalangil Country Fire Authority captain, said near misses at the intersection were a daily occurrence and he believed it was only a matter of time before there was a fatality.

He said that when there was a crash at the intersection, he often questioned “is this the one” and “what am I running towards this time”.

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One Response to “Hope for horror corner”

  1. Lee Nicholls

    I stopped for the accident on Wednesday night, travelling back to Colac. Unfortunately I witnessed a near miss at the same time the following night when a car travelled through the intersection stopped half way across the highway and then decided to reverse back behind the stop sign. Two cars in front of me travelling towards Colac were forced to brake.Urgent action required.