Inquiry looks at proposal for lake

Water authorities are invesigating the viability of diverting water from the Gellibrand River system into Lake Colac, in response to a community campaign.

Colac businesspeople and Polwarth MP Richard Riordan joined forces to create community campaign Just Add Water and funded an independent review into the feasibility of increasing water levels in the lake.

The independent consultant responsible for the report studied the lake’s water levels going back almost 50 years and investigated how much water was needed to provide the lake with a sustainable water level.

Barwon Water’s Paul Northey said Barwon Water was currently investigating the infrastructure requirements to deliver the additional 6000 megalitres as the proposal suggested.

“The proposal would also need to secure additional water supply as the amount required would be over and above Barwon Water’s existing entitlement for Colac’s drinking water supply,” he said.

“As the proposal suggests the diversion of water from the Gellibrand River, a number of factors would need to be explored such as the impacts on other entitlement holders, the environmental impacts and the risk of flooding on low-lying properties surrounding Lake Colac.”

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3 Responses to “Inquiry looks at proposal for lake”

  1. Phil Alexander

    Climate change a scam? You sound as silly as Tony Abbott!

  2. Phil Alexander

    Can anyone name a river whose health improved when water was diverted from it. The Gellibrand already has significant amounts of water removed for use in Warrnambool and by farmers. Humans have stuffed up the Murray Darling system, the Gellibrand is a much smaller scale but none the less just as important for the Otways region. The problem with lack of water in Lake Colac is purely due to climate change. Perhaps conservative politicians such as Mr. Riordan would be better advised to address this much bigger problem.

    • John

      We used to call climate change global warming and before that it was called weather, rainfall has been average since it dried up it takes a couple of years of above average rain to fill it and if we get above average rain like we had in the 90s that overflowed the lake you would be on here blaming that on the climate change scam