Spooky obsession wins fans

A headless bride spooks Deb McLeod as she sets up her haunted Halloween wonderland.

A Colac house has been spooking the neighbourhood ahead of Halloween tomorrow, attracting a crowd looking for a scare.

Queen Street resident Deb McLeod has decorated her house in spooky paraphernalia for the past five years and said it just kept growing.

The dedicated Halloween enthusiast said she even took a day off work this year to ensure she would have the spooky decorations set up in time.

“I started when the kids start coming around; it started with just the porch and then it spread,” Deb said.

“The kids just love it, I do it for their enjoyment, I know I would have loved to have done it when I was a kid,” she said.

“I reckon there was 150 kids here last year, some parents brought their kids back.”

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