Coast volunteers reach new heights

Apollo Bay volunteer firefighters Mathew and Tamara Thomas, William Chow and David Howell, participated in the Eureka Climb.

Four volunteer firefighters from Apollo Bay have tested themselves in Australia’s biggest vertical race the Eureka Climb at the week-

Apollo Bay CFA members David Howell, William Chow and Tamara and Mathew Thomas participated in the Eureka Climb at Melbourne’s Eureka Skydeck on Sunday.

Apollo Bay CFA captain David Howell said the 1642-step climb to the 88th floor of the southern hemisphere’s highest observation deck was “a bit of a challenge”.

“It was a challenge, it’s not the easiest thing in the world but we got there,” he said.

“I didn’t really train myself.

“All we did down here, we probably did it half a dozen times, there’s a big steep hill at Skenes Creek, so we’d just walk up and down that a few times, but it’s really steep from Skenes Creek up to the Colac road, so we did that for training.

“We did that wearing the breathing apparatus once or twice but the other times it was just on foot getting the legs working.”

Mr Howell said the team participated in the emergency services and full-kit race, which involved the racers wearing structural firefighting gear.

“We had the steel cylinders, so the steel cylinders are a fair bit heavier than the carbon fibre cylinders, so out of say the 100 people that were there they would have been only 10 that had steel
cylinders and we were four of them from Apollo Bay,” he said.

“We were probably carrying another five kilos up there compared to some people.

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