Colac must fight to stay in Corangamite

It will be very detrimental for Colac to be severed from the Corangamite electorate.

“It will be very detrimental for Colac to be severed from the Corangamite electorate.”

Corangamite MP Sarah Henderson is urging Colac and district organisations and residents to fight for Colac and the Otways to remain in the Corangamite electorate, as political parties turn on the Colac community and suggest the city should become part of the Wannon electorate.

The Australian Labor Party, The Nationals and the Greens have all made submissions to the Australian Electoral Commission recommending it redistribute voters by moving the boundaries of the Wannon and Corangamite electorates, moving the Colac region into Wannon.

There are currently just under 115,000 people in Corangamite and the electorates of Wannon and Mallee have less than 100,000, which has the ALP, Nationals and Greens suggesting varying changes but all pushing for Colac to become part of Wannon.

Corangamite became a marginal seat after the election of Labor’s Darren Cheeseman in 2007 and has attracted millions of dollars of federal funding for the Princes Highway duplication, Colac sporting and leisure facilities, and other significant projects since becoming a close seat.

Ms Henderson said the Colac district community had until December 1 to tell the AEC why Colac needed to remain the heart of Corangamite and reject the arguments put forward by the three political parties.

“Colac is the only city in Corangamite in its entirety and is a critical part of our agricultural and tourism industries,” she said.

“The proposal by Labor and the Greens to remove Colac from Corangamite would be a terrible outcome for the community and the rural character of our electorate.

“Even the Nationals have got this badly wrong and I am very proud to be standing up for the people of Colac as I have done since I was a candidate and since elected in 2013.

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One Response to “Colac must fight to stay in Corangamite”

  1. John

    Wannon is a safe Liberal seat where nothing gets done, just look at the state of their roads if we become part of that seat it will become an even more safe seat, the Far Left Greens and Labor party know that if Colac is removed from Corangamite it will become a safe Labor seat where nothing will get done there either.