Committee upbeat

Colac and District Pastoral and Agricultural Society’s president Ray Thomas is busily working with a committee to finalise preparations for the Colac Show, which starts on Friday.

Colac Show organisers believe numbers at this year’s show will be strong despite there being no public holiday on Friday.

Colac Otway Shire Council decided in February that the shire would take the Melbourne Cup public holiday for the next four years, despite a majority of respondents to a council-conducted survey indicating Colac Show Day as their preferred public holiday.

But Colac and District Pastoral and Agricultural Society’s president Ray Thomas says he doesn’t believe the change will affect numbers through the gate on Friday, despite Colac district schools deciding against scheduling a curriculum day on Friday.

“The schools have to do what they have to do, and we’ve made the adjustment where we’re going to open the show later, because the schools haven’t got the holiday,” he said.

“What it means is, when we used to trade from 10 o’clock until eight o’clock, now we’re just going to trade from two o’clock until eight o’clock.

“So hopefully the kids will finish school and mum and dad will bring them down to the show after school.

“We’ve got the entertainment and all the rides and that happening so hopefully people come down and have a look and we’ll see what happens.”

Five Colac district schools will have curriculum days on Monday November 6, which Mr Thomas said was concerning because families might opt to go away for a four-day weekend.

“That’s a bit of a worry, that they may take the extra day and go away, as in as soon as they finish work Friday, might head off for a long weekend with Tuesday being the Cup Day holiday as well, but we can’t control that,” he said.

“All we can do is put on a good show and hopefully people will support us, and Colac people are pretty good.

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One Response to “Committee upbeat”

  1. John

    I can’t believe that people would prefer to have a Public holiday for a horse race, ‘Melbourne Cup’ that is not even in our town and does not benefit Colac at all, also how about the Show opening late Friday and Saturday night to Midnight?