New Colac Otway leaders in close vote

Mayor Cr Joe McCracken and deputy mayor Cr Jason Schram.

Colac Otway Shire’s new mayor says “a lot of people have underestimated me”, including when he decided to become a teacher and again when he was nominating for council.

“And here I am,” Joe McCracken told the gallery after this week’s mayoral election.

“But it’s not just about me, we are always here to serve” Cr McCracken said, paying tribute to the “great commitment” of former mayor Chris Potter and thanking his friends, family and the community.

“I’m honoured to be here.”

Cr McCracken will take on the mayoral role for 12 months after the narrow win, with Cr Potter just missing out on a second term leading the council.

Cr Stephen Hart nominated Cr Potter, seconded by Cr Terry Woodcroft, but even with Cr Potter’s vote, the election ended in favour of the new mayor with supporting votes from Cr Jason Schram, Cr Chris Smith, Cr Kate Hanson and Cr McCracken.

Cr Schram was elected deputy mayor unopposed.

Cr McCracken, who at 29 is the youngest mayor to serve the council, in a statement released after the election, said Colac Otway had “a passionate group of councillors who want to do great things for this community”.

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