Sheep theft shocks Colac district family

Thieves stole 150 sheep from Barry White’s family’s Duverney property, north of Colac, and anyone with information should contact police.

A Colac district sheep farming family is reeling after thieves stole 150 sheep and are warning other farmers to watch their stock.

Suzanne and Barry White run 1800 sheep on Barry’s mother’s Duverney property, north of Colac, and Suzanne said the sheep theft was devastating for the family.

The thieves stole 60 shorn first-cross merino ewe lambs with a double notch on the top left ear, 55 wooly first-cross wether lambs with a double notch on the top right ear and 35 merino ewes shorn in July with a notch on the top left ear.

The property has been in the White family since 1924.

Suzanne said the thieves stole the sheep on Friday night but the Whites weren’t aware of the theft until three days later.

“I got a phone call from local laws in Camperdown and this was Monday morning and they said that one of our neighbours had some of our sheep in their yard because they found them wandering on the road,” she told the Colac Herald on Wednesday.

“So my brother-in-law went and collected them and noticed that there had been some sheep missing.

“My husband had been away for the weekend and he just got back last night and realised there were quite a few missing.

“They did a count this morning of everything that was in that paddock and they’ve realised exactly how many are missing.”

The Whites have reported the theft to police who are investigating but Suzanne said she wanted to encourage farmers to protect their livestock and be on the lookout for any suspicious behaviour.

Suzanne said the Whites had also contacted stock agents to alert them to keep an eye out for the sheep which have tags and ear notches.

For the full story see today’s Colac Herald.

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