Safety advocate says road re-alignments vital

Daniel Duke and Cliff McAliece look at the Beeac turnoff on the Princes Highway.

A Colac road safety advocate says we can expect more fatalities and traffic crashes at the region’s worst intersections unless authorities re-align the roads.

RoadSafe Otway’s Cliff McAliece has been advocating for road safety and campaigning for road improvements for decades.

Mr McAliece listed four poorly aligned intersections in the Colac region where “their alignment is the cause of many of the incidents that take place at them”.

These intersections are the Birregurra-Forrest Road and Colac-Lorne Road intersection; the Princes Highway and Colac-Ballarat Road intersection; the Princes Highway and Tomahawk Creek “blue church” intersection; and the Cape Otway Road and Birregurra-Deans Marsh Road intersection.

Mr McAliece said the four intersections had poor visibility for turning motorists, lacking a clear line of sight of oncoming traffic.

“This is one of the major causes of the crashes that take place there,” he said.

“Until VicRoads open their eyes and can see how this misalignment is causing vision problems at the corner, until we get a clear line of sight, we are never going to reduce the total of collisions that we have there.”

Mr McAliece said the Colac-Ballarat Road turnoff to Beeac was a fatality waiting to happen, with fog often contributing to a lack of visibility there.

He said the 100kmh zone in the Princes Highway at that intersection meant cars were too fast when they came across slow trucks that had turned onto the highway and were trying to gather speed.

“That is a fatality waiting to happen that corner.

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3 Responses to “Safety advocate says road re-alignments vital”

  1. Juggy

    If people are to look at VicRoads plans for the Ballarat turn off, they will see that the intersection is going to be changed.

  2. Rob Sinclair

    Re-alignment is one thing, but unfortunately it’s driver behavior that is largely contributing to accidents. I’ve cycled on the stretch of road between Birregurra and Skenes Creek at least a dozen times and I’ve driven it at least 100 times and the impatience, inattention and excessive speed of some drivers beggars belief. Solid double lines means nothing to some drivers, especially around Barramunga. I know police resources are stretched, but there needs to be a clear message sent to some drivers who seem incapable of driving to the conditions and restrictions.

  3. John

    I have nearly been killed turning right from the Colac-Ballarat Road turnoff as soon as there are no vehicles coming and you turn there is always someone up you behind doing 100KM and while I have to then floor it they have to then brake and nearly crash into the back of me and then there is abuse you get from people who unknowingly think that you deliberately pulled out in front of them, it has gotten much worse since they removed the 80km zone and made it 100km and also with the increase in traffic over the years and I can tell you it will be even worse when they build the new road because we will then have 2 lanes of traffic to cross and this will cause more traffic to bank up as the section of road between the 2 lanes only allows one car to wait