Speeder hits 139kmh on highway

Colac Highway Patrol members caught a Werribee man driving almost 40 kilometres an hour over the speed limit on the Princes Highway.

A Werribee man will lose his driver’s licence after Colac Highway Patrol officers intercepted the man driving at almost 40 kilometres over the limit.

Highway Patrol Acting Sergeant Jamie Kahle said police were patrolling the Princes Highway, west of Winchelsea, on Friday at about 4.30pm when they intercepted a man travelling in excess of the speed limit.

Sgt Kahle said Highway Patrol members intercepted the 37-year-old Werribee man driving a Ford utility travelling at 139 kilometres an hour in a 100 kilometre an hour speed zone.

The man received a $595 fine, lost six demerit points and copped a six-month licence suspension.

Sgt Kahle said Colac Highway Patrol units were increasing highway patrols in a bid to decrease trauma and that officers were focusing on driver inattention and speed to make Colac region’s roads safer.

For the full story see today’s Colac Herald.

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