Cash machine fault causes anguish

A Colac woman is concerned about private ATMs and the difficulties faced by customers if they are left without cash after a transaction.

A Colac woman who lost hundreds of dollars in a faulty automatic teller machine this week has been reunited with her money thanks to local bank staff.

But she has shared her story with the Colac Herald to warn other people of her experience in the hope of saving someone else from the anguish she encountered.

Julie Paulus contacted the Herald on Wednesday after she tried to withdraw two weeks’ income from a DC Payment ATM at the Colac Gateway Plaza shopping centre in Bromfield Street.

Julie said the machine returned her card and produced a receipt showing the transaction, but no cash.

“I bank with ANZ and I never use an ATM but the bank branch is closed at the moment and I’d already been shopping and didn’t want to have to go and find a park somewhere else,” she said.

“I went into Best and Less and the manager said the ATM was privately owned and nothing to do with the businesses there but he came out and withdrew $20 to see if the same thing happened to him; but he got his $20.

“I called DC Payments and when I finally got through they said the money was probably jammed in the machine and they would refund the money to the bank, but I would have to contact the bank; it didn’t end well,” Julie said.

While Julie was at the Herald office she called the ANZ bank, with a customer service officer initially saying they had lodged a “dispute” and the investigation team would be in contact within 14 days.

Julie was then transferred to another officer who said “someone will get in touch with you and we will have an outcome, good or bad, in 21 to 45 days.

But fortunately after the Herald contacted the ANZ bank and explained Julie’s predicament, she received a call from the Colac branch, offering to arrange a Camperdown ANZ staff member to hand-deliver the money in cash to her yesterday afternoon.

Julie said she was extremely grateful to the ANZ but the incident highlighted a significant issue.

“They’ve always offered really good customer service; I’ve banked there for 20 years and this is not about one particular banking institution.

“But a lot of us hate using an ATM, I don’t feel safe; and I didn’t know the one I used was a private one, not linked to a bank.”

An ANZ spokeswoman said the bank was currently refurbishing its branch in Colac and would be open again next Thursday.

“We apologise for the inconvenience that this temporary closure has caused,” she said.

For the full story see today’s Colac Herald.

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