Principal pleading for a new school crossing

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School principal Michael Mahoney is calling for a school crossing and more signage to make crossing a busy Colac intersection safer for pupils. Pictured are Sid Hay, Molly Hay, Pippa O’Brien and Ted Hay.

A Colac primary school principal is calling on local authorities to establish a school crossing to make navigating a busy intersection easier.

But Colac Otway Shire Council says the area needs more foot traffic to warrant a new crossing.

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School principal Michael Mahoney said he was concerned for schoolchildren’s safety as they navigated the busy Corangamite and Calvert streets intersection.

Mr Mahoney said the school had “grown considerably” over the past two years and that the increase in enrolled pupils resulted in more schoolchildren crossing at the intersection.

He said a recent incident when a bus had to brake suddenly to avoid hitting a group of pupils who were trying to cross at the intersection had highlighted his concerns about their safety.

Mr Mahoney said about 60 pupils used the Calvert Street and Corangamite Street intersection and that the afternoon pick-up time was becoming increasingly busier.

“The kids cross at Calvert Street out the front of the school and walk up to the intersection, and it’s a four-way intersection,” he said.

“They are trying to navigate four roads, buses whizzing along, and there are cars parked on the curb; obstructing their view.

“I see it as an extremely dangerous intersection, because there are so many variables that the kids have to negotiate on that corner.”

Mr Mahoney said he contacted Colac Otway Shire Council requesting the council assess the intersection in regards to establishing a school crossing and more signage to prevent motorists from parking in areas which obstructed pupils’ views of traffic.

“The signage is poor in terms of allowing people to park in those areas which obstructs the children trying to cross the road,” he said.

“We are also wanting council to not just look at the crossing option, but to look at the signage that prevents parents to from parking on the curb.”

The council’s acting chief executive Tony McGann said the council was monitoring parking, foot and vehicle traffic around St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, but said more use of the intersection was necessary for an upgrade.

“At this point in time, usage levels at Corangamite Street have not indicated the need for the establishment of a school crossing,” Mr McGann said.

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One Response to “Principal pleading for a new school crossing”

  1. Juggy

    I pass through there most mornings around school time and have VERY rarely seen any need for a crossing, but it may be a different matter in the afternoons.
    Also… Can’t say I’ve ever seen anyone from COS in the area in the mornings.

    Would it be possible for the parents and teachers to workout a volunteer roster to assist the students with crossing??? I know public liability might cause them a headache, but that’s better than injured student.