Bus smashes into window

A tourist bus smashed into an Apollo Bay shopfront yesterday causing the business’s window to shatter.

An empty tourist bus which smashed a shopfront window in Apollo Bay has sparked calls for designated tourist-vehicle parking areas in the coastal town.

Senior Constable Mark Manly of Colac police said the crash occurred about 12.30pm yesterday.

He said the driver of the vehicle, which was a Renault tourist bus, and its passengers had exited the bus when the vehicle went over a gutter and smashed an Apollo Bay business’s window.

Apollo Bay’s Denis Morrissy who manages Holiday Great Ocean Road, the business affected by the incident, said the crash “was a bit of a freak accident” but highlighted the need for designated tourist bus and van parking within the town.

Mr Morrissy said that “somehow the bus; lurched forward and careered through the awning at the front of the shop and smashed the front window” which fronted the business’s reception area.

“This was at lunchtime and it was complete luck there was no one there at the time; it was lucky there was no one in reception,” he said.

“It would have only taken someone walking along the footpath at the time and they would have been killed.”

Mr Morrissy said Apollo Bay had faced ongoing issues relating to designated tourist bus and van parking and said the town should accommodate for tourist vehicles by providing larger parks, which would then prevent large vehicles from parking in areas which didn’t accommodate their size.

For the full story see today’s Colac Herald.

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