Colac carriage driver shares skills overseas

Colac’s Wayne Armstrong will make a presentation at an equine conference in Dublin next month.

Colac’s Riding for the Disabled Association’s Wayne Armstrong will represent Colac at the 16th International Congress of Equine Facilitated Programs in Dublin next month.

“It’s a worldwide conference for Horses in Education and Therapy International and I’m doing a poster presentation and I think there are about 90 people presenting,” Mr Armstrong said.

Association president Brendan Scanlan said Mr Armstrong was “the only carriage driver selected worldwide for the conference in Dublin in June”.

“He’ll be making a presentation on a young fellow from Colanda, Mark, who he’s almost got driving the carriage himself now,” he said.

“Mark has Mobius syndrome which affects the nerves in the face, so he can’t blink, he can’t smile, he can’t show any emotion and he can’t talk,” Mr Armstrong said.

“I’ve been working with him for about 18 months and I’m trying to get him to drive the horse on his own so he has contact with the reigns and can actually steer the horse,” he said.

“I sit alongside him in the carriage and we have two sets of reigns and Mark’s just started to drive on his own without me holding that second set of reigns.”

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