Lawn mower racing hits town

Colac’s Rick Cole is among 30 entrants who will compete in a state lawn mower racing competition at Colac’s showgrounds tomorrow, which will raise money for Colac’s Scout Group.

Colac’s Rick Cole says a desire to try something different led him into the growing sport of lawnmower racing.

The 49-year-old is among 30 entrants who have signed up for the Victorian Mower Racing Association’s major event in Colac tomorrow, which will raise money for Colac’s Scout Group.

It’s been about two years since Cole, who runs Colac Mower and Chainsaw World, first got involved in the sport and he said he hasn’t looked back.

“I had a guy that was lawnmower racing at Camperdown dropped down on his way through looking for a few bits and pieces,” Cole said.

“I got talking to him and he got me interested, I went down and watched and it went from there.

“I’d ridden motorbikes most of my life, but I’m 50 this year and I don’t bounce any more so I got involved in this, it’s not as far to fall if you do come off, which happens pretty rarely.”

Cole, who has run his business for the past 15 years, said most entrants put together their own mowers, using various-sized motorbike engines.

He said mowers with 450cc engines could reach speeds of 90 kilometres an hour, but “they design the tracks so you can’t get too silly with speed”.

“I just got involved for the fun of it, and I like making something myself,” Cole said.

“You get yourself a basic mower, put in a motorbike engine, get a go-kart seat, you make up your own chassis,” he said.

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