Donation saves junior baseballers after theft

Colac’s junior Braves baseballers, from left, Billy Conway, Jack Conway, Rhuby Fraser, Ian Johnson and Ethan Hateley debuted the club’s new uniforms, thanks to a generous donation.

Colac’s junior Braves baseballers sported new uniforms in their matches at the weekend thanks to a massive donation from a former Colac baseballer.

Braves junior head coach Darren Morrissy said the donation, which allowed the club to buy new uniforms for the juniors, was a massive boost for the club after thieves stole $5500 worth of equipment from the club’s batting shed in March.

“For us it was a massive blow when all our gear was stolen, or about 80 per cent of it was stolen,” he said.

“It really affected the kids you know because they took it personally; they thought ‘someone is targeting us, why are they picking on us? What have we done to them?’

“So I think that’s what spurred this fellow on, to come forward.

“He wants to keep it on the quiet per se because he said it’s a gift that he wants to give and he doesn’t want to get any gratification for it, this is just something that he wants to do and is in a position to do.”

Darren said the club was almost back to the same position it was in before the theft thanks to the generous donations of Colac district businesses, community members and people from across Victoria.

“We’ve replenished most of it; it was quite a substantial amount of bats that were stolen, and some of them were personal belongings, but it was about the club and moving forward and getting the club stuff back to where we need to be,” he said.

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