Fears of Ocean Road collapse

Otway Forum’s Peter Fillmore says deteriorating sections of the Great Ocean Road at Smythe Creek are a disaster.

Otway Forum’s Peter Fillmore is calling on authorities to take immediate action to protect and fix sections of the Great Ocean Road where he says deterioration is posing a risk for motorists.

Mr Fillmore raised his concerns about sections of the iconic route at Smythe Creek, 10 kilometres east of Apollo Bay, where he said rain had caused “bad” landslips which were impacting the road’s and safety barriers’ infrastructure.

VicRoads told the Colac Herald that improvements at Smythe Creek were part of the road authority’s upgrade of the Great Ocean Road and that major works would not begin until the warmer months.

But the road authority said it would complete short-term repairs at the site.

Mr Fillmore said there were two locations on the eastern side of the Smythe Creek Bridge, about 20 metres apart from each other, that were noticeably worse after heavy rainfall.

He said he was concerned about deterioration of the road and safety barriers, which were built above a “20-metre” drop to a rock platform below.

“The road is very narrow there, it’s double lines in the middle, there’s trucks coming around blind corners, it’s just a recipe for disaster basically,” he said.

Mr Fillmore said he believed reducing traffic to one lane through the affected area until the completion of roadworks would improve safety for motorists.

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