Fundraiser collects $50,000

Cheryl and Doug Lang toasted their daughter Rebecca and their achievement of raising $50,000 for Cure Brain Cancer. The Lang family fundraised for four years to achieve the goal after Rebecca lost her battle with brain cancer five years ago.

Balintore’s Cheryl Lang says achieving her $50,000 Cure Brain Cancer fundraising goal was a bittersweet moment toasted by friends and family.

Cheryl began fundraising for Cure Brain Cancer after the Lang family lost 27-year-old daughter Rebecca in 2013 to glioblastoma multiform, a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer, six months after her diagnosis.

She said she commemorated the fundraising milestone with a small gathering of friends and family on Friday when they tallied up proceeds from raffle books and card sales which took the Langs’ fundraising tally to $50,916.00.

“It’s wonderful but also very emotional, because I wish I wasn’t fundraising in a way for the reason I am, but Rebecca would be proud of us I’m sure,” she said.

“I’m quite happy to have reached it and proud of our efforts, but also it’s very emotional.

“The people that were here with me, we toasted Rebecca and toasted each other and my children, Rebecca’s siblings all just said congratulations.

“All the ones that were here on Friday, a lot of them had been on the journey right through, it was just a nice toast.”

Cheryl and her family took four years to achieve their fundraising goal, an accomplishment which fell in between the five-year anniversary of Rebecca’s death and her birthday in September.

Cheryl said she and her family were grateful to the community for their support and their involvement in fundraisers including For the Love of Bec, Cooking for a Cure, Melbourne Cup events and other gatherings along the way.

She said she would continue to fundraise selling her photocards, an idea she got from Rebecca’s love of taking photos and her own, and through other initiatives which Cheryl said gave her a positive outlet to channel her grief and gave her hope that one day there would be a a cure.

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