Police welcome security upgrade

Senior Constable Simon Redford and Sergeant Jonathan Parish of Colac police say upgrades to lighting and security would increase public safety and identification of offenders.

Colac police say improvements to Colac’s Memorial Square’s security and lighting will help reduce crime and help them identify offenders.

Sergeant Jonathan Parish of Colac police said officers had worked on cases of theft, property damage and assaults at the square, increasing patrols of the area to combat crime.

“Historically, as with most public gathering spaces, Memorial Square has been home to its fair share of crime over the years,” he said.

“However, since the instalment of CCTV cameras in 2013, the number of reported incidents in the square has continued to decline.

“In 2017, a serious assault occurred and the CCTV images assisted police identify further suspects and witnesses which later proved to be vital evidence in the prosecution.

“In a recent incident, some youths set fire to a bin causing damage, with the offence captured on CCTV.

“Unfortunately on this occasion the youths were unable to be successfully identified.”

Sgt Parish said upgrades to security cameras and lighting would help increase successful identification of offenders.

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