Campaigners welcome aged-care royal commission

Colac aged-care campaigners Kim Barwise and Honorine Dowie are rejoicing at the Federal Government’s plan for a royal commission into the aged-care industry.

Colac aged care campaigners Honorine Dowie and Kim Barwise say a royal commission into the aged-care industry will certainly uncover the “bruising information” the Prime Minister predicted.

The Prime Minister asked the Governor-General on Sunday to establish a royal commission into the aged-care industry.

The royal commission will investigate the quality of care for residents of aged-care homes, including young people with disabilities living in residential aged-care settings.

Ms Dowie said the announcement was “absolutely wonderful news for the whole sector and the older generation”.

“I thought ‘is the government using this as a ploy to delay things as a tactic for the election?’ And then I thought ‘yes they probably are but so what, the oldies are going to benefit from it’,” she said.

“The only downside to it is because it will take such a long time we really need to push to get ratios in now, yesterday if possible.”

Ms Barwise said that although the commission wouldn’t “fix the immediate problems right now” it was “definitely what’s needed”.

“I thought it was fake news to start with, then I messaged Sarah Henderson and she responded back ‘yes it’s real’,” she said.

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