Port needs $14M to stay open

An examination has uncovered a need for $14 million in work to keep Apollo Bay’s port open.

The Port of Apollo Bay needs more than $14 million spent on repairs and maintenance within two years or risks becoming “unusable, unsafe or both”.

Colac Otway Shire Council manages the State Government-owned port and a report to today’s council meeting states that the council urgently needs State Government funding to address the port’s deterioration.

“The problems were highlighted to council by the community at the December 2017 council meeting in Apollo Bay,” council infrastructure manager Tony McGann said in the agenda report.

The report said the council had worked in partnership with the Harbour User Group in an effort to undertake urgent works since December including replacing handrails to the visitors’ wharf and fisherman’s wharf and updating of the navigation aid system, which were both underway.

The council completed dredging under the floating marina and repairing the marina, with the projects funded by the State Government.

The council also appointed a project manager who worked with council officers, the user group, consulting engineers and a quantity surveyor to develop a draft cost plan to address further significant issues.

The plan identifies the need for $4.85 million for harbour dredging; $4.32 million to repair the main breakwater; $3.73 million to repair the lee breakwater; $1.42 million to repair the winch and slipway; and $280,000 for boat ramp and jetty repairs, totalling $14.6 million, excluding GST.

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