Opposition pledge for high-speed rail

Opposition leader Matthew Guy has promised a high-speed rail service on Colac’s Warrnambool-to-Melbourne line, and a Geelong Metro service if his party wins the state election.

Train travel times from Colac to Melbourne could take 65 minutes if the Liberal Nationals coalition wins next month’s state election.

Opposition leader Matthew Guy this week promised a $19-billion high-speed rail network for Victoria, including Colac’s Warrnambool-to-Melbourne line and a Geelong metro service.

Mr Guy said a high-speed rail network would help the region’s growth by giving Victorians more options for affordable housing, more lifestyle choices and more employment opportunities.

A Liberal party spokesperson said estimated travel time for Colac to Geelong was 33 minutes, Colac to Melbourne 65 minutes, and Colac to Warrnambool 47 minutes, with trains expected to travel at up to 200 kilometres an hour.

The Geelong metro lines will operate from Colac to Bannockburn via Geelong as well as a service from Werribee to Waurn Ponds via Geelong, linking with local bus services.

“This announcement means big things for Bannockburn, Winchelsea, Birregurra, Colac, Camperdown and Terang,” Polwarth MP Richard Riordan said.

“This will help solve our employment crisis, boom our tourism and get western Victorians connected with Geelong and Melbourne.

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2 Responses to “Opposition pledge for high-speed rail”

  1. Phil Alexander

    Spot on Rob, Ted Baillieu made grandiose pledges before the 2010 election, but that government delivered nothing of note in the 4 years in power. Guy’s promises need to be taken with a grain of salt.

  2. Rob

    You’ve got to hand it to the Libs and this utterance comes from the party that closed many of our country railway lines and stations. They’ll say anything to get elected.