Ankle surgery awaits sports star

Colac sportswoman Gabi Rieniets will play her first game of the Country Basketball League season tomorrow, battling through ongoing ankle issues as she awaits a reconstruction.

Colac basketballer Gabi Rieniets will make a shock return to the court tomorrow night as she awaits surgery on her troublesome ankle.

The talented sportswoman missed four weeks of the netball season with the Colac Tigers, and has missed the first six games of the Country Basketball League season waiting for the ankle to heal with rest.

But a recent MRI has revealed that the injury would require a partial reconstruction in February.

“I last did it playing netball in July but managed to get back and play the last three games,” Rieniets said.

“I was going with the theory that rest would fix it, but it’d been a fair while and it still wasn’t recovering properly, so I had an MRI which told me I’d need a reco,” she said.

“I’ve torn the two outside ligaments and there’s cartilage damage as well.”

Rieniets said doctors had given her the all-clear to return to the court in the meantime, joining the 4-2 Lady Kookas for tomorrow night’s home clash against Terang.

Rieniets will be a valuable addition to the Lady Kookas’ line-up, providing the team with much-needed height alongside recruit Michelle Winch.

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