Colac proposes representative cricket league

Colac district cricket officials want to create a regional representative series in the south-west to enhance interleague matches.

Colac district cricket officials have made contact with rival associations with a plan to create a representative league in the south-west next summer.

CDCA board members Leighton Hart, Rob Oborne and Sam Cardinal are leading the charge for the Colac district to play in a series alongside the Bellarine, South West, Hamilton, and Warrnambool District leagues.

Hart said the association was eager to increase representative games in the region to give the best cricketers a chance to play at a higher level.

The Colac district has already locked in games against the Bellarine, South West and Warrnambool in 2018-19, with co-coaches Grant Brauer and Locky Inglis committing to a second season of leading the squad.

Hart said they were hopeful a representative series could become an annual fixture with a chance to play for silverware.

“We’re contacting those four associations and trying to put a bit of a proposal of perhaps starting a competition in 2019-20,” he said.

“We’re interested in starting an annual competition over those cricket months from November to February in a representative-type format.

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